From years of executing high level technical skills in fine art to implementing design principles in constructed works, Heather is an artist through and through. 

SOUTHERN REVIVAL celebrates the artistic nuances, history, and beauty of the American South.

Southern Revival

Heather Daily Design

Art should speak things about who you are without wasting a single word.....

-Heather Daily

Original Works of Art

Cumberland Mist.jpg
Painting- McKinley Showroom
Nantucket Wind
Morning Joe
Homage to Muybridge.jpg
The Girl Behind the Painting.
Bringing it to life
Into the Blue & Green




About Heather



She was going through a transformation, a revival, even.

A single mom living and working in Nashville, Tennessee to provide a better life for her four young kids, artist Heather Daily was experiencing life - the breath-taking chapters. A journey through cancer and trying to make ends meet, life seemed like it was turning to rubble. She longed and knew there was more to her story. Fueled by pure grit and plenty of coffee, she worked by day and attended grad school at night. She made a habit of working well into the night and early morning designing, building, and painting—- after kissing her children ‘goodnight’.

Life was far from anything she had imagined. But Heather had a confident dream — to create lovely things that restored beauty and joy into the lives and homes of others. She believed that one's life story was never over, with new chapters coming each day. Authentic vision were fundamental for redefining and reviving a flat-lined life. So she kept on creating.

Like the city around her, Heather was going through a transformation, a revival. She witnessed the rebirth of dilapidated buildings around Nashville, new life and purpose being breathed into the abandoned factories of yesterday, and a new spirit that animated the community that emerged from beneath its ruin. At the same time the rubble of a dismantled life was finding purpose as Heather came to recognize that beauty is often most authentic when birthed from revival and hard work -and life work.

Inspired by the rejuvenation and revival of style found in cities throughout the South in the United States, Heather visioned and crafted a line of home furnishings that encompass the redefinition of elegant comfort and raw beauty. 

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